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Weeks of March 29th and April 5th

Congrats for completing the 2021 Build and Strip! If you have not yet started/finished - NO WORRIES! We have months before the next challenge so you can take your time.

I want to just make sure that you know I stay in close touch either through our WhatsApp group (all members have access) or Instagram (my social of choice) - I am totally available to you.

Here is the break down for this coming week and because half of this week is actually all about recovery, I broke down the following week as well.


29 + 30 is all about active rest! this means that in the 2 days after the Build and Strip I want you to walk, rest, watch Netflix (tell me what I should be watching), stretch do yoga... eat well, drink well and take it real easy. You will actually get stronger faster if you take the time to recover.

31 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #49


1 - Pilates #49

2 - Pilates #50 -Priendly

3 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #50

4 - Daily #129 - Total Body HIIT

5 - Daily #130 - 444 Core and Legs

6 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #51

7 - Daily #131 - 444 Core and Arms

8 - Daily #132 - Cardio and Core HIIT

9 - Pilates #51 -Priendly

10 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #52

11 - Daily #133 - Cardio and Core HIIT

Let's go!!

xoxo, Di

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